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New Chief Of Navy For The RAN and News On Hunter-class


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Article talks about possible capability gaps in both RAN surface and sub-surface fleets due to program delays.

Hmm...where have I heard this before...:unsure:

Really the situation that the country’s been left in as a result of the inaction of the former government is pretty serious.

Now that's calling a spade a spade.

How long do you think someone would remain CDS, CRCN, CCA or CRCAF after expressing such an opinion here?
Interestingly enough, the ANZAC-class isn't much newer than the CPFs, and for reasons unknown they are "fitted for but not with" a CIWS.
The ANZAC class ASMD upgrade (ESSM plus CEAFAR) would have rendered Phalanx CIWS somewhat moot though.