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New Canadian "Network for Strategic Analysis"


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On-line initiative involving National Defence, Queen's University's Centre for International and Defence Policy and UQAM--several pieces up (e.g. "Competitions and Power Games in the Arctic – Realities, Fictions and Implications for Canada"), several forthcoming on-line events listed:

Our watchwords are: responsiveness and creativity. Incubator of Canadian and global expertise on geostrategic events, we offer in-depth, real-time analyses of a turbulent world while developing the next generation of experts. Our work focuses primarily on the competition between great powers, multilateral defence cooperation, and the future of capacity building.
Mobilize Knowledge. Train the Next Generation.

The Network for Strategic Analysis (NSA) is being launched as part of the Mobilization of New Ideas in Defence and Security (MINDS) programme of the Department of National Defence of Canada. It is the very first fully bilingual MINDS network that will offer cutting-edge expertise in Canada’s two official languages.

Our primary mission is to mobilize Canadian and global expertise on three strategic challenges for Canada:

    The evolving role of great powers in a shifting world order (led by Jonathan Paquin, Laval University);
    Multilateral cooperation in international security (led by Sarah-Myriam Martin Brûlé, Bishop’s University);
    The future of defence capacity building for global partners (led by Theodore McLauchlin, University of Montreal).

In this context, the Network pursues three objectives:

    Mobilize – in French and English – innovative and multidisciplinary research in the field of defence and security in order to develop synergies and amplify the voice of experts;
    Disseminate the results of strategic analysis to the Government of Canada, partner organizations and the general public so as to inform political decisions and public debate;
    Train the next generation of security and defence experts by integrating students into the development and dissemination of knowledge and through the professional development of young researchers, with a particular concern for equity, diversity and inclusion.

Co-directed by Justin Massie (UQAM) and Stéfanie von Hlatky (Queen’s University), the Network brings together more than 60 renowned scholars and seasoned practitioners. In addition to its research fellows, the Network mobilizes the expertise of international collaborators, and is supported by a Scientific Board and an Advisory Board.

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