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New (2022) CAF recruiting ad


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Wow... A CAF recruiting ad that doesn't suck? Someone must have slipped it past NDHQ CAF PA on a Friday afternoon when nobody was around.
I'm not a huge fan of the music (doesn't seem to match) but yeah, it's pretty good.

I seem to like ads where there are little to no speaking parts, just showing what people do. Minimal music (or just "background music").
Great ad.

Reminds me of picking up the super hot girl at the bar only to realize she’s a 3 after the alcohol and make up wears off.
That is the problem with recruiting ads that only show the "high speed" stuff, very few CAF members are pilots, divers, or door gunners.

We do need lots of MMTs, cooks, HRAs, FSAs, etc., though.
Guns. Things blowing up. No readily identifiable ethnic/aboriginal members. It will be pulled in a week.
I noticed the same, there are a lot of white dudes doing scary things with guns... Could also be a sign that the CAF is desperate enough for people that they are willing to forgo for "maximum targets" for males.

Military sounds alarm over recruiting problems as Canadians steer clear

Recruiters are given targets to meet, with spots divvied up by trade, as well as minimum targets for female recruits and maximums for men.
Spraying hot lead from the door mounted mini gun?!! Agreed with Furniture on wondering how this got by the fun police.