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Need to know more about special units of the RCMP and of the CAF


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Hi there guys I want to know more about the special units of the RCMP and of the Canadian Forces (Army,Navy and Air Force), I know that the RCMP have the ERT, is the ERT the most elite police force unit in Canada? My dream is getting to the RCMP or the CAF and joint an elite unit so please tell me about it 😃
RCMP - Emergency Response Team

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command
if some Navy interest you- MTOG: https://vimeo.com/159550331
The RCMP has a number of Emergency Response Teams. Most (not quite all) provinces/territories have at least one. Tasks vary. Some are full time, some are part time members who fill other police functions but get called and go when needed. RCMP ERT are pretty similar to any other police tactical team in North America. Some teams will do more rural stuff, some will have a specialty in boarding ships, some focus more on supporting VIP protection, all will have a solid skill set in high risk building entries and searches. You'll find similarly skilled tactical teams in most of our major municipal or provincial police services.

Whether police or military, what makes such teams/units as good as they are at what they do isn't the fancy kit, it isn't the high speed training- those things help, but the core of their competence is absolute mastery of the basics.

If you want to get into that kind of world, good on you. Get into the military or a police service first. If the former, get very good at your trade, extremely fit, and wait for an opportunity to come up once you're eligible. If the latter, join up, spend some years dealing with drunk assholes beating their wives, shoddy parents neglecting their kids, raging drunks creating a general nuisance to the public, and entitled twits at traffic stops. Learn to deal with all of that safely, be in excellent shape, and learn what a given police service looks for to apply to the tactical side of the house.

Guaranteed by the time you're within striking distance of either goal, the shine will have worn off and you'll see it for what it is- the culmination of a hell of a lot of hard, inglorious work, that will lead you into new realms of hard, inglorious work with occasional moments of really cool excitement.