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NATO, EU and "The Great European Defence Crisis"

daftandbarmy said:
Good point.... based on our latest 'National Face Palm' moment, Trump's likely to take the lumber to us, and then from us:


I looked at the clip and quite frankly what Trudeau said wasn't really all that bad. Unfortunately it was the truth and brought attention to the fact that Trump was spending much of his time by hogging the media limelight as he himself acknowledged in his "I'm outta here" tweet:

...When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington. We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days. Safe travels to all!

Note also this:

Trump also canceled his own press conference scheduled for the end of his trip to the NATO summit. The President was caught on a hot mic of his own after the cancellation, saying, "Oh, and then you know what they'll say. 'He didn't do a press conference. He didn't do a press conference.' That was funny when I said the guy's two-faced, you know that."

What really got me about Trudeau is that he looked like the kid we all knew in high school who was always trying to hang around with the cool kids and making snide remarks about others who weren't there. He lacks gravitas. You'd think after the the Charlevoix G7 summit in 2018 that Trudeau would learn to curb his mouth. It's not often (in fact probably never) that I agree with Trump, but Trudeau is two-faced. He has a public persona that's relatively laudable but behind the scenes is cheap and petty (see for example Jody Wilson-Reabould).

Edited to add:

It just gets better and better:

The viral moment likely wouldn't have surfaced at all without Chris Rands, the CBC's parliamentary producer in Ottawa. He spotted the exchange while he was scrolling through video footage.


FJAG said:
I looked at the clip and quite frankly what Trudeau said wasn't really all that bad.

Kellyanne's husband, George Conway put it this way,
I can’t remember the last time anyone, let alone a president of the United States, was laughed off a continent.

Washington Post,
The world is laughing at Donald Trump
His obsession and greatest fear has come true.

tomahawk6 said:
How about contributing 2% like Trump wants ?

National Post
5 Dec., 2019

Whatever you think of the president, he is radioactively unpopular in Canada. If Trump thinks we should spend two per cent of our GDP on the military, not just a few Canadians will find themselves suddenly wanting us to reduce it to zero, withdraw from NATO and sell off what materiel we have for scrap.