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my Dad


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Looking to find out any info on my Dad's service with the Canadian Scottish army WW2 Where is a starting point? Survived the war, died in the 60's, served in the Armoured div. (I think) James Dimor attained the rank of Maj. at one point. Came from Revelstoke area. any search info would be appreciated. I and my bro. and sis were always extremely proud of his service to Canada.  His son, the Yank from Massachusetts.
Start by ordering a copy of his service record.

Researching Military Records

Canadian Forces after 1918 (including the Second World War)

How to Send an Inquiry Concerning Your Own or Another Individual's Records

    * Your request must be signed.
    * To identify a file, we require surname, full given name(s), date of birth, and service number or social insurance number.
    * If you do not know the date of birth, service number or S.I.N. (social insurance number), secondary information (e.g., the names of next of kin, postings, dates of service, place of enlistment) can assist in identifying the correct individual.
    * Consult the section below on Access Restrictions.
    * Please specify what document(s) you require. If you are doing family history research, we recommend that you request a "genealogy package," which will include copies of selected documents from the file that highlight/summarize the individual's service.
    * We do not accept email inquiries for these records. Inquiries must be sent by mail or fax.
    * Your request can be written as a letter or you can print off a blank copy of the Application for Military Service Information form available in [PDF 663 KB] or [RTF 44,516 KB] format, which should be filled in, signed and sent by mail or fax.
      (Download Freeware)
    * Inquiries should be sent by mail or fax to:

ATIP and Personnel Records Division
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4
Fax: 613-947-8456
Thanks Mike & George will do my best through this maze! If my dad could survive Normandy, I can do this for him.
Just wanted to pass on that my grandfather George Dimor and his brother John Dimor were from Revelstoke, my mom and her 3 sisters were born there in 1923, 1928 and 1930 (Thelma, Georgina and Norma).  George used to own a restaurant in Revelstoke in the 1920's.........


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