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My CIC Application Odyssey


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;) I know.....just making a joke on the lovely ongoing debate about CIC cap badges (which is always fun to watch when it flares up).

Ah, good to know :)

Didn't know that was a sore point. I had to purchase my cap badge when I was an officer with the R Wpg Rif with my personal money, so assumed all officers were expected to do that.

I found once CFRC was done with what they needed to do, it went very quickly from there.

I believe that COVID and working from home and such has slowed things down. So far it's been six weeks since my stuff was sent out from CFRC. Talked to my CO today and he has not yet received the paperwork he needs to sign off on.


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It is a long standing tradition that officers purchase their regimental accoutrements. Comes from the days when an officer would purchase their commission (and if they had buckets of loose change, stand up their own regiment!)

There shouldn't be a debate on something as trivial as your cap badge (especially, IMO, when those who complain are often the first in the receiving line for a promotion round). However I do agree that perhaps a job aide for new members would be a helpful tool!


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Agreed re: the officer expectations side of things.

I think some of the in-Branch grumbling about having to purchase cap badges is the alleged, theoretical, apparently never in stock existence of issue ones: the perception is of having to make up for a supply shortcoming right off the top (sometimes with assurances that "you'll be given one on your first course," only to be directed to the school kit shop). Add to that a lack of subsequent exposure to wider CAF norms both as far as purchasing regimental kit and generally augmenting supplied kit with personal gear and you get a touchstone for griping.

Why we don't issue CIC N/OCdts with the cornflake remains beyond me: I know it's come up on here and elsewhere a few times.