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Minimum RCMP service time

You’ve had a lot of questions about the RCMP. Have you considered contacting a recruiter or attending an information session? Do so and show up with a list of questions in hand.
Hahahah I’d gave you that, I’m 20 years old and I’m really lost for my future, in life my two passions are Football ( Soccer) and Law Enforcement (Special Agent, Intelligence Officer), those are my two dreams but I have to choose one thing, this is why I have too many questions  ;D
Not sure what you mean by “special agent”. I’ve never heard the term in the Canadian context. From your posts I think your notions of policing and intelligence are very... ill informed. I would suggest finding out if your local police service does ride alongs. There is also a website called blueline.ca that had a forum much like this one but for the policing community.
RCMP Recruiting events
Two years if you don’t want to owe the government any money.
Tireurelite said:
, what is the minimum time you have to serve on the RCMP ?

yoman said:
Two years if you don’t want to owe the government any money.

For reference,

"In exchange, the RCMP requires your commitment to remain an RCMP police officer for a period of two years following hire. If you resign during training, or in the two years following training, the RCMP may require repayment of any allowance received."