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Military Families Fund


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I just want to help spread the word about a very underused fund that can be a great help to a lot of Military families. I recently recieved the following email:

Good morning;
We are pleased to report that the Military Family Fund has received funding to support the special needs initiative for FY 13/14. They will be using the same Expenditure Framework as last year. For your convenience I have attached the relevant documents. To note, applications from families who have not received previous assistance will be considered first. Applications from families who received previous assistance will only be considered if the previous funding has been spent.  If you have any questions, please contact Lianne Mercier, Manager Military Family Fund, at Lianne.Mercier@forces.gc.ca or Mercier.Lianne@cfpsa.com or 613-947-3750.  .


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que les Services aux familles des militaires ont obtenu les fonds pour appuyer l’initiative à l’intention des familles ayant des besoins spéciaux pour l’exercice 2013-2014. Nous utiliserons le même cadre de dépenses que celui de l’année dernière. Vous trouverez les documents pertinents en pièces jointes. Veuillez prendre en note que les demandes des familles n’ayant jamais obtenu de soutien au préalable auront priorité. Nous ne considérerons les demandes pour les familles ayant déjà reçu du soutien dans la mesure où le financement offert a été utilisé. Pour toute question, veuillez communiquer avec Lianne Mercier, gestionnaire du Fonds pour les familles des militaires à Lianne.Mercier@forces.gc.ca ou à Mercier.Lianne@aspfc.com, ou en composant le 613-947-3750.

[ the Expenditure Framework mentioned an be found here]

Sue Goddard
Policy and Program Development Manager, Special Needs
Gestionnarie de l’éboration des politiques et des programmes, besoin spéciaux
Military Family Services/Services aux familles des militaires
Canadian Forces Moral and Welfare Services/Services de bien être et moral des Forces canadiennes
National Defence/Défense nationale
Telephone/Téléphone: 613-992-2328
Facsimile/Télécopieur: 613-995-2425
Government of Canada/Gouvernement du Canada

Some common misconceptions about the fund are:

1. That it is a "limited" pool of money. All pools of money are limited but as of the last annual report there was 5 million in the fund and they have yet to spend muc more in a year than they get in.

2. You need to impoverish yourself before you qualify for assistance. Depending on the circumstance, you may need to prove financial hardship. For the special needs assistance, it is less important as it is recognized that special needs children incure extra-ordinary expenses.

3. You CoC must "Approve" it. Your immediate CoC must staff it up to Ottawa with a couple of exceptions. Supervisors and the CO can minute it and support or not support it but the decision is made by the National Military Families fund office in Ottawa. Base Commanders are delegated approval for urgent request (require action in less than 48 hours) under 5000 dollars. All other request should be forwarded to Ottawa with in 2 working days.

4. Special Needs children require a previous diagnosis and treatment plan. The MFF provides up to 4000 dollars for assessments. You will need to provide some proof that your child needs the assessment but in many cases the cost of the assessment is what is preventing your child from receiving the care they need. An autism assessment can cost 2 to 3 grand.

5. You must prepay and then get reimbursed. Base COs are issued prepaid BMO cards that they can hand to you with in 24 hours if the need is urgent enough. Receipts will be required but they can be submitted after the fact.

More information about the fund can be had by contacting the people above or visiting the MFF site at