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Man makes sweaters of places takes photos of himself wearing them at the places

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Man makes sweaters of places and takes photos of himself wearing the sweaters at those places

Everybody needs a hobby, right? Meet “sweater dude,” Sam Barsky whose hobby is to knit sweaters of places and then have photos taken of himself wearing those sweaters at these places.

Sam was making the Internet rounds a few days ago but I didn’t really look at the photos when they first popped up in my feed. I finally clicked on it—because I couldn’t help myself—and was shocked at just how many sweaters he’s made! The photos are endless. I admire the man’s commitment to his craft. I particularly dig his sleeveless sweater looks.

I wonder how many sweaters he owns in total and just how long it takes to make one? If you want to see more of Sam’s unusual hobby you can follow him on Facebook