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Man arrrested in death of MCpl Martin Brayman

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Man arrested in Fla. death of Canadian Armed Forces member
Published Wednesday, September 11, 2019 11:00AM EDT
A man has been arrested in the death of a Canadian Armed Forces master corporal working in Florida.

Master Cpl. Martin Brayman died Monday in Panama City after a violent assault the night before, a spokesperson for the CAF confirmed to CTVNews.ca.

“His next of kin have been notified and the CAF continues to support them during this difficult time,” they wrote in an email. “Our deepest sympathies are with his family and friends.”

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office was in communication with the CAF on Tuesday, when they said they had made an arrest. A suspect name has not been released.

Brayman reportedly worked as a NORAD aerospace control operator in Panama City, where he was assigned this year. Brayman joined the Armed Forces in 2006 and was deployed in 2008 on Operation ARTEMIS to help stop terrorism, and Operation CALUMET in 2017 to support a peacekeeping operation in the Sinai Peninsula.
I was on tour with Marty. He was a good dude through and through. Sucks he's gone.

Rest in Peace mate.
The local radio station is reporting he was from the Kemptville area and graduated from our Catholic high school.
Just read about this....RIP.

Killer arrested:


Condolences to family, colleagues & friends ...