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M72 still in use?

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Are M-72 rockets still in use by CDN REG and reserve forces? I know CDN forces use TOW missiles and Karl Gs, but I was also told that recoiless rifles were used by reserve forces until a few years ago. is that true? Is there anyone in Canada that still manufactures 105mm recoiless rifle rounds?
Our units dummies, M-72‘s!! what were your thinking ;) , seem to have gone through a site modification, wether the same modification has occured on ones used for training / operations I am not sure. So I would have to agree that yes, they are still in use.
Sherwood, I think you are talking about the M-40 106mm recoiless anti-tank gun. It was still in Reserve use a few years ago, but I believe it has been retired now. It is possible we have them in war-stocks somewhere. The last "operational" use of the 106mm was in the Rockies, to trigger avalanches. They now use a 105mm howitzer for that particular task.