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Lucasfilm fires 'The Mandalorian' star Gina Carano after offensive social media posts

Recommend a Disney cruise? I've always wanted to check one out

I must admit I was big doubter initially, but it was a first class experience all round.

Something for everyone, especially if you do the Alaska route, which is full of random whale watching, mountain ogling and other stuff (I like to do but no one else in my family does).
Recommend a Disney cruise? I've always wanted to check one out
Absolutely. Very family friendly. Nice shows, fair ports of call (basically everyone goes to more or less the same place except Disney has it's own island for the last day - we were in the Caribbean but they have other cruises as well) with separate pool/deck areas for adults, teens and little kids. Nice stage shows.

We sailed on the Wonder when she was new (4th one I think) and the slightly smaller ship format was very intimate. Terrific meals. They have three restaurants and you rotate through them with your same table guests and wait staff.

Dude, I went on a Disney Cruise with my kids who spent alot of their time hanging out with the Princesses.

The correct answer is, of course: ALL OF THEM
Two here and while they are all nice Elsa is the babe! Cinderella was cute too 😊
We did a Disney cruise out of Galveston a few years ago. Amazing time. They have their own private island SE of Florida that they bring you to for a day.

I have sailed the Navy way, I've sailed Disney, Princess, Royal Carib, and Norwegian, and they all have their bonuses.

The Navy way - you get a weekend in port. Friday night to Monday morning. You can actually go and see stuff on your time. We won't talk about meals and 1000 soup.

Disney - 'spendy, but very friendly, helpful, and we got premium access to the theme park in Florida, plus their private island. Food was quite good. Excellent kid programs onboard - allowed us to bring our own booze onboard.

Princess - Reasonable price. Good overall - food, service, etc. Didn't stand out, but was good. I'd consider repeating. VERY strict on bringing your own booze onboard. Good thing I had a couple of plastic flasks.

Royal Carib - Slightly higher price point. No programs for young kids. Strict about booze. AMAZING meals. Same table staff assigned to you each night for your suppers, and they got along great with our minions. (Learned names on first night, knew us from then on - great people!)

Norwegian - Price between Princess and Royal Carib, good value for the money though. Can bring a bottle of wine from ports back onboard with you for supper when you're in port. great programs for the teen-age kids.

My wife has also done River cruises in Europe with her sister and had a great time. Rhine cruise from Amsterdam. Small boat (150 passengers) with amazing scenery and stops.