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Location of Ottawa's Recruting Office


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ok, here is a little story that hapenned to me today,

i was on a field trip to ottawa to skate on the canal, but evidentaly it was closed so we went to the shopping mall near by. so i thought that i could use that time in downtown ottawa to go to the recruiting center and check out how to get into the reserves and what fourms i need and such. I ended up going about 4 km around the freaking downtown area on foot looking, and i had gotten directions from 2 army people that were wrong. Finally i asked a very polite Airforce man and he gave me the right directions. When i found the Building it was holed away on some side street where no one would ever find it!!!!
The recruiting center is very visible from both Slater street (downton busiest eastbond street) and from Laurier West (parallel to Slater). It is almost at  the corner of Elgin st (another main ave in the downtown area), and just behind the famous Lord Elgin hotel. I have actually seen worst for some recruiting centers (Kingston, Halifax)