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Life in the Air Force vs Civilian Life


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Once you're part of the Air Force how much more different would your life be compared to a civilian's. Would you have as much free time as regular civilians do?
Being in the military, in general, is different from civilian life.  There are those in uniform, though, that think us Air Force types are pretty much 'civies' compared to the combat arms/hard army types.  ;)

Free time depends on a multitude of factors.  What trade you are, your current posting/what role your unit plays, what your position is in that unit, etc.

Operational Squadron aircrew and techs, for example, are fairly busy compared to a clerk posted to a Wing Orderly Room in the 'time off' aspect, at least where I am at currently.  The Wing OR folks are more of a Mon - Fri, 8 to 4 gig where we are ruled by the flying schedule and operations tempo.

However, in contrast, aircrew who are posted to instructional positions at training establishments don't usually deploy like the operational squadron types and would be more like the Mon-Fri 8 to 4 gig as well.

Hope that helps some!
What if your trade was an Air Combat Systems Officer, Aerospace Engineering Officer or a Pilot?
First tour Pilot or ACSO posting is likely be to an operational squadron...see my comments above on that.  Aircrew types can expect irregular hours fairly regularly due to flying.

AERE...they are part of the main org.  I've seen AEREs working the same irregular hours as us aircrew and their AVN/AVS/AWS folks on deployed Ops.  I've also seen them do more the 8-4 gig too.

A lot has to do with what unit you are posted to and the current op tempo.