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Laptop and computery graphics card questions


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Decided to replace my 2011 laptop.

I went with this


My biggest criteria is a 17" monitor and the ability to use PowerPoint and play dawn of war 3.

It seems okay but the graphics card is only 1050. I'm reading that a 1060 card is the bare minimum to play VR games, incase I want to get into that. Should I return this one and drop an extra $500 and try to pick this one up with a 1060 card?


I have a VR headset myself and I wouldn't recommend anything under a 1070 personally. Even then the 1080 is the way to go. You'll be up for disappointment if an inferior video card, especially in a laptop.

For the same price as the one you posted, Canex of all places has an ASUS with a 1070.
I know I'm a little late to the party, but if you're on pte pay like myself, Canex plans are a great way to go. They have some great gaming laptops that work well for moving around and pre-built desktops if you're not comfortable doing it yourself and you don't plan on moving anytime soon. I'm going on course in Kingston soon, and I'm glad I got the laptop so I can bring it with me.