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Lacking ‘clarity or purpose’, UK’s strategic policy receives heavy criticism from the House of Lords

The Ranger Regiment enters the chat.... they really have no idea what their purpose is, or why they are 'sepcialer' than other units....

The Ranger Regiment is a major part of the British Army’s new global posture and was established as part of Future Soldier, the biggest transformation of the British Army in over 20 years… but what is it for?​

It is understood that as part of the newly established Army Special Operations Brigade it will be routinely deployed alongside partner forces around the world to counter Violent Extremist Organisations and hostile state threats.

With regards to the new Ranger Regiment, the British Army says the following:

“The Army’s Special Operations Brigade will complement the work of special operations troops across in the Armed Forces and those of our allies. The Ranger Regiment will be capable of operating discreetly in complex, high-threat environments, deterring adversaries and contributing to collective deterrence by training, advising and – if necessary – accompanying partners in support of our national interests.

The Rangers draw their name from an elite unit that fought in the British Army in the 18th Century in North America, using irregular tactics. The British Army shares this heritage with US Special Operations Forces, whose 75th Ranger Regiment traces its lineage back to the same grouping. In addition, our Ranger Regiment draws on the proud tradition of British Army units and formations honed for unconventional operations such as the Special Service Brigades, the Raiding Support Regiment, V-Force, the Chindits and T-Force during World War Two.”

Speaking to the House of Commons, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said:

“On the Rangers, we envisage that a large proportion of their time will not necessarily be spent with NATO allies. They may be in Africa, the middle east or further afield. We have already started spending the money to equip them to be, if necessary, more independent. The reason that they are partly special is that they will often have to deploy without the usual huge amount of logistical support that a normal conventional unit gets, so they will have to be effectively a more selected cadre of people with better equipment to be able to be more independent and more 360 in their integration.

Umm. Before we go all high-minded and mock the foreigner....any thoughts on Canada's Strategic Policy, and the interest it has garnered amongst our politicians, press, academics, and military professionals?

Oh that's right. We are not a serious country, and so we have no serious conversations, let alone policies or strategies.

We have no right to disparage others.

We are weak

And unserious.

We finally buy capabilities our own forces have always needed, such as AD and AT, only to immediately donate it to others. Not saying that is not righteous. Just saying that the massive irony is lost on our political masters...and the voters.

You cannot win a contest by signaling virtue - you must demonstrate seriousness and prowess. You actually have to do, not just say. Canada is a country with a massive "say-------------do" gap, and everyone but us knows it.

You cannot shape the geopolitical manouevre room of a supposed G7 nation with announcements of empty promises that restate the promises you have already failed to fulfill.

The Canadian press, public, and voters may buy that. But our Allies and Adversaries do not.

And they may not vote, but they will decide the future of this nation.

I am glad that I am old, and sad that my son is not.
Come back, all is forgiven ;)

Desperate army chiefs tell sacked soldiers 'we need you back': Troops fired for fighting, theft or smoking cannabis are considered for rehire - only drug dealers and heroin junkies would be barred​

  • Troops who were medically discharged will also be allowed to rejoin

Desperate defence chiefs are allowing ex-soldiers to rejoin the Army after they were sacked for fighting, theft or going AWOL.
Troops who were medically discharged will also be allowed to rejoin, and will be able to keep any compensation they received when they were forced to retire.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has also said that soldiers who left the Forces after taking redundancy more than two years ago will likely be able to rejoin without having to pay back any cash.