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fultonz said:
I was just wondering how long do I have to wait to find out

Not one single person here will be able to tell you.

I am stressing out :)

You have to work on that. You havent reached the stressfull parts yet.
Dude, this was probably not the best thread to complain about waiting and stressing out. Wait time - every case that is presented to a recruiter is treated individually.  Meaning; nobody here will be able to tell you how long it's going to take.
3 weeks?  Take the time you have been given as a gift.  Work out, start getting used to getting up at 5am (or like 5-10 minutes to), showering, getting dressed and running your ass off, then coming back and cleaning your room.  Get your mom to come inspect it for dust bunnies.  Kick back, relax, enjoy your time with family friends.  If it's meant to be it will be.  Extra medical stuff usually means extra time in processing, because they want to be sure you'll be able to withstand the training. 

This is the point I'm at now with my injury.  Waiting to be cleared for training by my physiotherapist.  I have a feeling when I go back to physio next week I'm going to be one hurting unit when she finishes with me.
Glad you are getting better and wish you well in your future.

Thanks so much!  I'm feeling a lot better... my med cat expires 30 June, as does my attach posting.  So I'll be on course in July, I'm happy and grateful for the extra time to heal. 
Lil_T.  You have given us so much inspiration and an incredible story. What's the latest? Where are you at now in your training?  Would love an update.
Hey Steve,
Well... I completed my BMQ December 2010 (finally lol) that week wearing the G was the best. I never knew I could simultaneously hate and love something so much.
I got incredibly lucky that I only spent 12 days on PRETC before my 3s started.  After which I got posted back to Ottawa.  I'm chilling out on mata leave til Feb.  Being a clerk isn't all glamour and awesomeness (you're shocked I can tell) :)  but all told, life is good.  I'm almost lookin forward to going back to work....hahaha