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issued firearms

Luck881, you‘re right, the "Royal Canadian Armed Forces" absolutely never existed. The RCAF and RCN disappeared with unification. Axeman, check your equipment, I think some wires might be crossed.
my mistake gues thats what i get for being trundled around in the turret of a tua
That‘s a pretty good explanation... I hear a TUA (though I‘ve never hitched a lift in one) brings new meaning to the term "movers ‘n shakers"!
Originally posted by Danjanou:
I think an advantage to this forum, denied to us old farts from the pre Internet era, is that someone really interested in choosing our life style (and that‘s what it is, not a job, not even a career but a calling that trust me stays with you long after you hang up the uniform) can come here and get some valid ideas of just what they are letting themselves in for. That includes how to act, and equally importantly, not to act.
I‘ve been on this forum for months, and have only 12 or 13 posts. I tend not to speak unless I have something somewhat relevant to say... Don‘t want to come across as the civi-newb ;)

As someone who‘s seriously looking at making his application in the near future, my favorite part of the day is to jump on these forums and read. I don‘t mean to come on and quickly browse the new stuff, I spend literally hours in this place researching and re-reading. I can say without a doubt the best resource for anyone looking at the military as a life option is to sit down and spend a few days going through these archives, and taking in what you guys have to say, and the resources you‘ve provided us with. Nothing‘s been more informative than to read posts from guys like Enzo or Combat Medic, or Danjanou and Mike and Sig Op. Much more reassuring to have at least a basic idea of what to expect, attitudes and procedures and people in general, when it comes time to take the leap.

So in this respect, Dan couldn‘t be more accurate, as I‘m the prime example of the person he‘s describing in the quoted segment. Being an internet jockey for a local ISP gives me plenty of free time, I really have to thank you guys for providing a very intelligent and informative area for those of us with a more than basic interest.