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Iran's missiles may target Canadians


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Iran's missiles may target Canadians
Matthew Fisher, National Post DUBAI,

United Arab Emirates - The BBC has raised the possibility that Iran may target NATO forces in Afghanistan, which include several thousand Canadian troops stationed in the province of Kandahar, with short-range missiles.

Those who focused on the possibility of Iran and Israel going to war or a strike against the U. S. Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf have overlooked the chance that attacking elsewhere might also serve Iran's strategic interests, the BBC said in an article on its Web site last week.

"People always look towards the west of Iran, but we need to look east as well," Christopher Pang, head of African and Middle Eastern research for the highly respected Royal United Services Institute, told the British network.

"There are plenty of U. S. interests and international troops stationed in Afghanistan which can be targeted from the east of the country."