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Inside the RCMP's Biggest Crisis: Mar 9th Macleans Magazine Cover Story


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Being the luddite that I am, I am unable to supply the link to this article. After having spent two hrs single finger typing my commentary on this article, I was very dismayed and PO'd to find that I used the wrong format for my link, and the whole post dissapeared in the ether. Perhaps a kind soul, smarter than I, can post the link.

  What started off as a short note of thanks and support, kinda grew from there. I am trying to spread the word because I feel that the people who are in a position to make changes to the culture of the RCMP, will not make any real changes unless they are dragged kicking and screaming into the light, and forced to act. So...

  The following is an open letter to Dr. Greg Passey of the BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic and any RCMP members, past or present, who have been abused or betrayed.


  I have just finished reading the March 9th cover story in Macleans Magazine, in which you were quoted widely, and wanted to pass on to you my gratitude for the courageous stand you have taken on this important issue.

  Though I have never served in the RCMP, I have many close friends who have served, or are serving, in this organization. I too, have heard the horror stories. I am absolutely stunned by the lack of leadership, accountability, and basic human respect in this organization.

  As I read the article, feeling of sadness, outrage, and deep anger welled inside of me. I thought, "What right do these morally bankrupt cowards have to smear the hard-earned reputation of this fine organization?".

  With a history that dates back well over a century, this reputation was earned by the selfless service and sacrifice, of the countless men and women who have worn the red serge. Canadians are, or should be, very proud of and grateful to, these fine men and women who serve and protect the citizens, and the rule of law, of this great country.

  I, as a wounded veteran, am intimately familiar with the concepts of service and sacrifice, and feel very strongly that these Mounties, who only wanted to serve their fellow Canadians, and faced horiffic abuse by their so-called "superiors" and "comrades", should hold their head up high. You have earned the deep respect and gratitude of Canadians as a whole, and this particular fellow veteran. Thank you for your service. You have served your nation honourably.

  I can tell you, having witnessed this first hand, that in times of darkness, despair, danger and stress, the personnel in our armed forces and first responder organizations look to their leaders to show them the way. And for those that don't know, the true leaders of an organization aren't always the ones with the highest rank on their shoulders. When the so-called "leaders" of an of an organization commit abuse to, turn a blind to, turn their back on, or even wage war on those they are charged to lead, it is a profound betrayal. Those cowards who do this, should feel a deep and utter shame.

  Years ago, the Regimental Sergeant Major of my battalion, a true leader, issued every member of my unit a small card, to be kept on our persons, of his leadership and life philosophy. It was called, "The RSM's Three". I believe that it may have some bearing on the crisis facing our nation, and its national police force. I sincerely wish that the leadership of our nation and RCMP would read this and take it to heart.

                                                                              THE RSM'S THREE

                                                        YOU CANNOT CHANGE WHAT YOU FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE,
                                                                  AND WHAT YOU FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE,
                                                                            WILL ONLY GET WORSE
                                                                                UNTIL YOU DO

                                                                  YOU DID WHAT YOU KNEW HOW TO DO,
                                                            AND WHEN YOU KNEW BETTER, YOU DID BETTER

                                                                      WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE BEHAVIOR,
                                                                      YOU CHOOSE THE CONSEQUENCES

                                                                            "Step up to the plate"

  I do not wish to insinuate that the RCMP is the only organization that has leaders who abuse those under them, or fail to protect them, or put self before service. I have witnessed this many times in the CAF, as I'm sure others in other organizations have. I also do not wish to paint all the leaders in the RCMP with the same brush. However, it is painfully obvious to me that there is a grave and serious cancer in this organization, and that swift and drastic action must be taken to save the patient.

  To any RCMP members in leadership roles, at any level, and our nation's leaders who happen to read these words: I say, it is time to act and stop these injustices once and for all, it is time to recognize and acknowledge the problem, it is time to right these wrongs, it is time to, "Step up to the plate".

  Please pass on these words to any RCMP patients or clients you serve at the clinic and tell them, they have my complete and total respect, gratitude, support and admiration for their service to this country, and their fight for justice, for themselves and those that followed them.

  Please also pass on my deep gratitude to the staff of the BC OSI Clinic. You have helped me, and those like me, tremendously. You serve those who serve. A most heartfelt thank you.

Darcy Grossinger C.D.
Whitehorse Yukon

(Please note: You can access the article at Macleans FB page, or better yet, my FB page. I am trying to put the word out and reach as many people as I can. If you do go to my FB page, Please Share.)
Bumped with the latest, via the Public Safety Canada Info-machine:
The Government of Canada is taking further action to help ensure all RCMP members, trainees and employees can feel safe and respected amongst their colleagues and superiors.

Today, the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, announced that Sheila Fraser has been appointed as a Special Advisor. Reporting to the Minister, Ms. Fraser will provide advice and recommendations regarding the RCMP’s application of policies and procedures after Catherine Galliford, Alice Fox, Atoya Montague and Susan Gastaldo filed legal proceedings in court against the RCMP. Following Ms. Fraser’s review, the Government expects recommendations that the RCMP can apply more broadly in handling similar cases in the future. 

This appointment delivers on the Minister’s commitment to review the four cases. It is effective immediately (7 July 2016) and ends on March 31, 2017. Ms. Fraser brings the credibility, impartiality and proven track record required to undertake this review ...
I guess running around the office "nikked as jay bird" is not appropriate corporate culture....who knew?