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infantry basic questions. (Housing, car etc)


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Good day everyone,

I am excited to start a new journey with reg CF  soon. Still in early stages of ApT testing and interviews. I have a few question I can’t seem to find answers for or really I might just not be looking in the right place hehehe please help.

I live in Ottawa and I’m guessing I will get sent to Petawawa or Kingston.

Q1: After basic and all the other training to become a fully trained  infantry man where do I live? Do I live on a base? Or do I live in my own apartment/home? And get to work every morning?

Q2: I have a car and I’m not sure if I bring that with me to basic and where ever I get sent for whatever. Do I need my car?

Q3: I’m trying my best to end up in a base near a big city. I have always lived in a big city all my life and Ottawa was actually the smallest city i’ve lived in. So are there any bases for  infantry closer to big city by <1 hour?  I saw a base north of Edmonton I believe it was 1st  Battalion  Princess Patricia. Is that an  infantry base?

Any other information or advice anyone wants to share. Feel free.

Thank you

From my understanding you can either live on base or off that's up to you

I start basic feb 18 yes you can bring your own vehicle I m bringing mine for my own convenience
And for Q3 I can't help you I'm sure if you ask your recruiter they can help you figure it out
You will undergo BMQ in St Jean Quebec, just outside of Montreal.  It is about a 2.5 hour drive there.  I am from Ottawa and while at BMQ I came home almost every weekend of leave.  I HIGHLY recommend bringing your vehicle!!  You will probably have princess leave, where you can go out for the day but not be absent overnight.  You will want to get off base and go for some real food or catch a movie and do not want to rely on taxis or other recruits for rides.  There's a few bars in St Jean but you will be ordered to stay out of bar 66.  LISTEN to that order!!  Military members are not welcome and get assaulted!!  And don't think you're tough and go looking for trouble - you'll risk facing disciplinary charges!  As for housing, at St Jean you will be living in barracks - basically you will have an open cubicle surrounded by 20-30 other dudes.  Things to bring!!  Swiffer wipes! buy a small hand vac like a Dirt Devil! It will be a life saver! bring Advil, Voltarin, Second Skin, Polysporin and anything else for blisters because you WILL get blisters! sun screen, cough and cold medicine (you WILL get sick!) and whatever you do, DO NOT bring food or dink up to the quarters!!  you will lose access to the Canex possibly for your entire Basic.  And if anyone gets caught with a cellphone outside of cell phone time, the whole platoon will have their phones confiscated.  There's always at least one jag off who skirts the rules and when one screws up, everyone is punished!  Good luck!!