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IFAK pouches


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Looking for your personal reviews on Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK).  Currently im looking at the Blue Force Gear "Trauma Now" Kits.


It  has a pull out/removable sleeve with all your bits on it, but is it big enough?  It looks a little small. I dont think ill get my TCCC qual before I go over, and Im not 100% sure how much ill really need over there.

Those that have operational experience, and those that are well kit-knowledged, please post your reviews.



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We sold a large number of those to guys going over as well as a few LE Tac Teams.

They easily fit a couple dressings and tourniquets.  As well you can attach the BFG tourniquet now strap to the top of the pouch and have the tourny ready to go.


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There are some good video reviews on youtube, just do a search and several will come up that go into a lot of detail. Here are some thoughts I have:

Strengths:  Extremely fast access to medical supplies with the pull of a tab. Can easily be operated with only one weak arm.  I doubt anything else on the market is this simple or this quick to use. Should you get hit, go down, or step on something nasty I suspect this first aid kit provides you the best chance of doing self aid.  Also, it has an external row of molle on the top of the pouch that is designed for a “tourniquet now” strap for fast access of an external CAT tourniquet.

TCCC?  Nope, I don’t think so.  This is an individual first aid kit, and showing it to folks who have TCCC, it’s not really big enough to be treating people out of.  It was not designed for TCCC.  It could be used as an IFAK for a TCCC member, who has an additional med pouch or small pack for treating others.

Real estate:  Takes up three horizontal and vertical channels of PALS/MOLLE webbing.  Dimension; Horizontal 5” Vertical 7” Thickness 3” approximately when full.

Construction:  Made of lightweight and thin 500D material.  Standard military pouches are made of a heavier 1000D.  500D is less abrasive resistant, however most of the time pouches fall apart from the stitching long before the material wears out anyway, and the saved weight outweighs the advantages of a thicker more durable material.  Available in friendly ranger green or coyote brown, both are subdued earth tones and should work about anywhere, and could always be dusted with some tan krylon if needed.  There is some velcro on the exterior flap for a med patch, blood type patch, or whatever else.

Interior:  Has enough space for different layouts of dressings, tourniquets, gauze, pads, ect. The elastic retention system is well designed, they hold the items securely and provide lots of layout options, their is also a slim pocket for larger flat items such as quickclot or petrolatum gauze.  Items are easy and fast to remove. BFG does offer the kit stocked with some decent stuff if you’re having trouble getting medical supplies.  You can dummy cord the tray to the pouch if needed?  Shears can be stuffed in a few spots inside or outside the pouch, depending how secure you want them. 

Weaknesses:  It’s one of the most expensive IFAK’s on the market, and for the price I would have expected they include their “Tourniquet now” strap that the top of the pouch is designed for, because you’ll probably need to buy this also, or if you have one already an extra would always be good to have.  In a pinch, you could use a thick elastic.

Other options: CTOMS makes some other quality stuff, and if you want something cheaper there is also the ATS or HSGI blow out pouches.

If you buy the BFG Trauma Now kit I think it will serve you well.  I don’t have a CAT or TK now strap on mine at the moment, but here’s some pics: