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ICE Tactical garage sale


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First Annual ICE Tactical Garage Sale 

What: Great deals on all our current stock. Starting at 20% off. 

When: Saturday June 13. Starting at 11:00. One day only. 

Where: INTEGRATED COMBAT EQUIPMENT INC. 2155 Rosser Ave. Unit #2, Burnaby BC, V5C 5E2 CANADA

Due to the nature of the sale, we won’t be taking online, or phone orders for sale items. Cash or Cheque or PayPal payment only

ICE Tactical is now on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ice_tactical
hmmm, If I were in BC at the time, i'd be there no doubt about it, whens your next?
the last one went so well, we're looking at a second one in August. I'll have more when we decide on dates. We may even have an online sale sooner.