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I need part time SAT operators in Wpg & Borden plus an IFT operator in Petawawa

Lance Wiebe

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As part of a new contract, I am hiring SAT and IFT operators for the major RCAF and Army Bases.
I have found good candidates in all locations, except these three.

Ideally, the SAT operators will have an Infantry background, and have achieved a minimum rank of DP3A.
The positions in Borden and Winnipeg are only part time; suitable for a retired person looking for some beer money.
Borden is slated for 400 hours of operating a year, Winnipeg for 800 hours a year.
That works out to one day a week (average) for Borden; and two for Winnipeg.

I also require an IFT operator in Petawawa, this job is for 1500 hours a year, close to 4 days a week average.
The ideal IFT operator will be Artillery, minimum rank DP3A, and be OP Det Commander qualified.

Anyone interested can PM me here, or email me with any questions: