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How Soon After Enrollement Can You Be Deployed Overseas


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    O.K. so now I'm in the propcess of being accepted into the Reserves, and would eventually like to sign onto a U.N. peace keeping mission.  I was told by the recruiter in my hometown, that you put your name on a tour list and eventually when they need you, they pull your name up.    But then again, this recruiter said alot of stuff and did not seem entirely enthused about his job and some of the info I heard, was contradicted by others.

So my real quesion is if someone can validate this information regarding the wait list and such process for U.N. misisions.

-cheers, -Vercingetorix
Well you can't just go on any UN mission...Canada has to have signed on to send some troops first.  There are'nt many UN missions that have huge Canadian contingents at the moment that I am aware of, if I'm wrong, please someone correct me.  There are plenty of opportunities to deploy with the CF though, we still have Afghanistan and I suspect that we'll be there for some time to come. 
Right now you should focus on getting your training done.  As a young buck newly QL3 trained Pte, there probably won't be a lot of chances to deploy, but as your career progresses and you specialize in something, the opportunity MAY arise.  As far as this list thing, I'm not sure how it works for the Reserves.  I know that Reserves are called up to deploy, but I think that they prefer to take Reg Force people if they can, simply because the point of the Reserves is to augment the Regular Force.  I would think there are a fair number of deployments available to Reservists, but I would also suspect that there are a fair number of Reservists as eager as yourself who have put in for them.

My 2 cents....
How good your chances are to deploy are heavily trade dependent from what I have been told. Apparently once you have QL3 and SQ you could technically be deployed.

In my trade (Int) we were informed we are basically garunteed a deployment with the new army restructure. I'm not sure how it affects other trades though.
I wouldn't fall in love with the UN all that quick if I were you.  They have screwed up everything they have touched.

You will have great chances to go on a tour.  Work hard at your training, complete your courses, then once at the unit, put your name in.

Someone's love of the UN has nothing to do with it, I couldn't even tell ya where the UN HQ was located let alone its many mandates.  I just wanted to have fun with some good training, and good operational experience.  Of which I got both.

Good question and good luck


Vercingetorix, (interesting choice of name, considering his military history  ;) ) focus on the 100 meter target first, then aim for the 300. Complete your courses, learn your new trade, be the best troop you can, THEN worry about tours.

Good luck.
Vercingetorix: heed the advice given, especially that from paracowboy, and your time will almost certainly come. The Army is in the process of restructuring Reserve contribution to overseas missions (I prefer that to UN "peacekeeping" which is often an inaccurate term these days), with a plan to ensure that a Reserve combat team is ready to support each of the Task Forces we prepare for deployment. How this will work out remains to be seen, but the demand for qualified, fit and deployable Reserve soldiers will probably not go down. Good luck!

    Thanks for the comments guys! 

( P.S. hey paracowboy I think your the only one to have understood the name and history )




I appologize in advance if this has been asked before, in which case a link would help alot as i for some reason could not find a good answer.

What are the chances of a reserve Pte. who is only trade qualified (BMQ, SQ, and DP1) getting deployed on a UN tour?  And what kinds of jobs/duties would be done?  Would I be able to apply for a position if my unit was not tasked to go? I would take one if the chance came up, in fact i might even go out of my way to get one, but i would only expect to go over sweep the floors or something and learn as much as i can about foreign operations, i have no hopes to be on patrols or anything though i would surely do it if i could. 

Your chances right now of a UN tour are slim to none.  Afghanistan is not under a UN mandate (Thank the stars  ;D )  I'm not sure of the exact number, but there is a required percentage of reservists be part of each rotation.  In fact, I know of a handful of armoured reservists that have done 3 different tours in the past 5 years.  Wait out, you'll get a slew of information on your actual chances of deploying and what sort of duties you'll perform. I wear a black hat so I'm not straying out of my lane.  Good luck to you though.  ;)
Just a question I am wondering I just passed the CFAT and have my Med and Interview schedueled for the next couple of weeks and I am curious I am signing up as a Sig Op and was told its one of the few Jobs that are constantly deployed and needed overseas on Peacekeeping and Canadian Missions. I am curious how long after enrollement will I be deployed. Is it after OJT or before OJT. I want to be deployed to UNAMID or UNMIS if that helps. Oh and if you need to know I am singing up for a four year contract.
Alot of things need to happen before they consider sending you overseas, like for starters the recruiting process, you just completted the CFAT, means your not even in yet, then theres BMQ and trades training (I'm Infantry and I have no idea how long Sig Op trades trg is but i'm sure a Sigs member will soon answer that) After you get that training theres work up trg with your unit - as to time lines, depends on length of time between courses, spots available on said courses, availability of instructors, when your unit is slated to go, etc, so you can expect to deploy sometime during your first 4 years but when, who knows
Both of those are observer missions and staffed mostly by officers and sncos. There is almost no chance of a new sigop pte getting on those tours. Not trying to burst any bubbles but try to be realistic.
The other two mission I was interested was the UN Mission in Haiti and the UN Mission in Kosovo
Well you will do your basic training then be sent to PRETC to wait for trades training, you may do SQ in the mean time. Your QL3 Sigop apprentice course (trades training) is approximately 6 months. By this point you will have at least a year in the military. Then you will be posted to a unit. Depending on what unit you go to, you could be out the door pretty much any time after that. Your chances are better from a combat arms unit, as when they go the whole unit for the most part goes. When headquarters goes, they stand up a troop for the sole purpose of the deployment and so people get shuffled around and some people are left behind for the next tour.

Oh and there is about a 99.9 percent chance if you deploy it will be on Task Force Kandahar.
Haiti and Kosovo are pretty much all wrapped up. Afghanistan is where the cool kids go these days. Most of the other overseas positions are for officers (like in the Sudan)
Haiti is a small op and unless things have changed there is is no privates on small ops. Mostly Officers, some snco's and a few cpl/mcpls (mostly egypt).
By the time I finish Training Task Force Kandahar and the Canadian Mission to Afghanistan will be Finished so I am stuck with OOTWs which is peacekeeping beacuse whats the likely hood of them needing a junior Sig Op in Afghanistan to help train Police and Military after our withdrawl in 2011.
is there any peacekeeping missions junion NCM's participate on currently beacuse one of the main reasons i joined the military no matter how idealistic it sounds is to work for the UN on Peacekeeping Missions
You want to do good deeds, join the peace corps...

the CF are not Peacekeepers! We sometimes participate in UN missions but they are not generaly peacekeeping they are peace support or peace making. And Currently (THANK GOD!) we have moved away from that to NATO missions.

Son As I have said in another thread finish getting in and passing basic then worry about other stuff later.