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Help Wanted - Edmonton


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Looking for work?
Miss going away and living in cozy camps?
Small crew settings and outdoor work?
Unity of purpose?

My boss here in Edmonton is looking for some smart, fit, motivated, field heat treating technician trainees who can 'play well with others'.

Training is OJT. Overtime is likely.

Try and show up with a drivers license. Air brakes would be nice. H2S Alive would make their day.

As a newbie, you would start at just over $19 an hour. Goes to over $23 after three months. 8-2-2 Straight time/TAAH/DT.

if lifting of heavy cable is contraindicated by your spine, do not apply.

You will get paid when you work, not when you don't.

In this industry, as a general observation, pers with proven obtuse or disruptive personalities don't generally get called back. (Too bad the Army wasn't like that).

CSRS sends crews throughout Western Canada.

After a successful interview, you would attend a medical/drug/alcohol test, then scheduled as required.
for work.

Ops Mgr:


PM me for further info or submit resume to Darren on the website.