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Help ID this pack


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Does anybody recognize this pack?



It's got two basic shoulder straps and buckles, a mesh padded back, one large compartment with fly closure, two exterior pockets with fly closure, one smaller compartment on the bottom with a zipper and fly closure, and what looks to be a carry strap from one side to the other.
The only tag or markings in it were under the top lid;


"Textile Industries Ltd, December 1965"

Cheers for any info!
I was issued the "cargo pack"  in 1975, and returned it, unused when I retired last year.  The weird/interesting thing about the pack was that it has a soft, leather lined tumpline strap that transfered weight from your shoulders/back to your forehead/neck! I suspect they were designed for use in the then new fangled M113 APCs. Can honestly say that I never saw it in use in 36 years!
I had a very similar one. Purchased in early seventies at the surplus store near Moss Park Armouries. At the time Reg F was using it as a ruck pack and a jump ruck.

Mine disappeared into the great QM Stores on retirement. Sorry but that's all I can help you with.

Overall this pack worked for me and spent a lot of time on exercises or Concentrations. As M9C says it was called a "cargo pack".


Does anyone know if they were issued with the 64 pattern ruck for was it a "get one or the other" kinda deal?
No, I don't think so. I had a 64 pattern ruck and the cargo pack, both were issued at the same time.
4 CER issued them to us in the 80's as they fit the M113 better then the 64 with frame. I gave mine to a cadet 15 years ago, And she gave it to an other cadet and so on.