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Helmet upgrades ? MICH / ACH style pads in CAF style kevlar, any one done one?


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I had a discussion with the human factors officer overseas when I hit the ground last November.  I can see their point on the pad systems but I am not sure if they take into account the different pad systems that are out there.  I have seen the skydex pads which definitely do not give any stand off distance however I have had the BLSS kit in my helmet (I think I posted pics here) and it has a rigid headband that wraps around the whole inside of the helmet and the pad system velcros on to it.  The stand off of this system is greater than that of the skydex pad kit simply velcroed in.

It'd be interesting to see what "system" they tested and caution against and what factor the screws or bolt system would play.

And on a side note, Military Moron's site has an interesting new helmet by Crye industries with a review, discuss.




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Several top end entities down here have recently issues the Crye helmet