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Gunners of Canada Vol 3- Call for submissions


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Volume 3 of the Gunners of Canada is being written. RHQ is looking for sources to add. More at link: http://www.artillery.net/beta/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Letter-Gunners-of-Canada-Vol-III.pdf

William Rawling PhD has been selected as the author of Volume III. Dr Rawling is a highly regarded Canadian military historian with twenty years of experience in the Directorate of History and Heritage.

... Documents do not, however, tell a complete story. If Volume III is to be a full and accurate account of the Royal Regiment since 1967, he will need the help of every serving and retired Gunner. Collectively, ow actions and experiences comprise the history of this period. Regardless of our rank or position, by sharing our recollections with the author, we can help fill the gaps in the official records and add a vital human element to the story.