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Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

Whatever of that bullshit was on display was enough. More would be worse than what is already pretty fuckin bad.

OPS is investigating hate crimes. That says enough to me.
Apparently they’ve set up a hate crime hotline.

End ex in Alberta
... His security detail quite likely would advise not to go anywhere near that crowd. Set up zone or meeting area sure but certainly not him wading into a hornets nest ...
... I'm confident the RCMP can figure out how to set up a safe and secure meeting environment for the PM.
And given the wide range of approaches from the group, a secure environment for a meeting =/= speaking to "all of us", so probably wouldn't be enough for many.
Wouldn't the Prime Ministers protection detail have cross Canada jurisdiction?
Parliamentary Protective Services is not the PMs protection detail.

And it would also be just as odd if they were closely monitoring a traffic stop by OPS.

Unless there is a related vector.
I think the PMs protection detail is RCMP? PPS are the cops who patrol parliament hill...
PPS isn’t just Parliament Hill, but any Parliament-related facility, eg. the Senate in the old Convention Centre/Train Station.
I think the PMs protection detail is RCMP? PPS are the cops who patrol parliament hill...
The PMs detail is a part of RCMP Protective Operations.

PPS however is not and is responsible for security of the parliamentary precinct. They are not RCMP officers and report to the speakers. Operations do fall under the director who is a member a of the RCMP but the organisation is a separate entity from the RCMP.

I believe a few other organisations are stakeholders as well but not 100% sure.
Great minds think alike . . . fools . . . yada, yada . . .

Interesting concept. I'm not aware of any legal authority to recover costs for public safety on public property. It would be up the the city's legal department to try. First they would have to get a court order to freeze the funds but I don't know enough about GoFundMe to know where the funds are actually held. The money comes from hundreds of sources and it's not the the Convoy is an entity
This is anything but usual. Parliamentary Protective Services does not routinely monitor highway stops.

It could simply be a PPS media person wanting to convey the image that they are top of things. Sounds a whole lot better than 'so? not our issue'.
I am of two minds with with protest with regards to this as potential COVID superspreader event. The majority of protesters that I physically saw were not wearing masks. The photographs of politicians who took pictures with the protesters who both were not wearing masks.
Presuming that the majority of the protesters are anti-masks and anti-vaccine there is a chance that COVID, particularly the highly contagious Omicron, could rapidly spread amongst this group of people. Since many of these people are deliberately walking into establishments without masks they could pass the virus to the employee, although the risk would be lower if they (the employee) were vaccinated and wearing a mask. Another scenario is the protester going back home and passing COVID to their family or friends.

What I'm worried about is the potential rapid spread of COVID in Ottawa again as direct result of this group of people. If this happens, we will see the return to restrictions and hospitalization of COVID patients within Ontario, Quebec and the other provinces from where the protesters came from. Since many of them are not vaccinated there is a greater likelihood, in comparison to vaccinated people, of them requiring them to be in ICUs thereby again exhausting the health care workers and over burdening the health care system. I pity the people who surgeries, or other heath treatment, will be cancelled. As a side note I was fortunate to receive surgery, my priority was high enough, when there was a lessening of restrictions.

As a compassionate human being I sincerely hope that they do not catch COVID because from what I've learned this is not a particularly easy way to die. As a father, whose daughter is working in health care and must provide care to COVID patients, I am of the mind to point the middle finger at them (people who deliberately remain unvaccinated for no valid medical reason). I hope that you suffer in recovering from with COVID, but don't die. You can serve as a reminder to your circle of like minded friends about the dangers of COVID. However if I hope that, my daughter will be the one to help treat them.

As for the politicians who took pictures with the truckers I sincerely hope that they were vaccinated. I guess in their mind it is fine to support people who deliberately disobey health regulations and could potentially spread COVID to other people. Unless of course, the protester takes daily COVID rapid tests, practices social distancing and wears a mask when applicable (sarcasm). To these publicity seeking politicians, what is your plan to return Canada to normal besides complaining that Federal and Provincial governments are doing enough or taking the wrong approach. Stop complaining and contribute to solve the problem. What is your solution to resolving the protesters' demands?

I'm tired of the protest.
I'm tired of the opportunist politicians who takes advantage of people.
I'm tired of the Federal and Provincial governments who seeming can't find a long term fix to our health care system despite Royal Commissions and numerous other related studies.
and most of all I'm worried about my daughter who is exhausted and burnt out because she cares for her patients.

Sorry for the rant. I had to get that off my chest.
Superspreaders also don't tend to happen in well ventilated areas and you don't get much more well ventilated than outside.

Trudeau gov’t hits back at trucker protests by announcing plans for even harsher COVID mandates​

Tue Feb 1, 2022 - 1:51 pm EST
OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has pushed back against huge protests fighting expanding COVID jab mandates across the country, indicating that it will not only not back down on the restrictive measures, but will implement an additional inoculation requirement for truckers moving between provinces.
Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra told CBC’s Rosemary Barton that an interprovincial COVID shot mandate is being considered by the government, citing the party’s election campaign promise of “vaccines and vaccine mandates” during the fall.

“In the last election we actually campaigned on vaccines and vaccine mandates. Minister [Seamus] O’Regan just last December announced that we are working on regulating all federally regulated sectors requiring [a] vaccine. So there is ongoing work,” Alghabra said in the interview.
“As of right now, that policy is not in place,” the minister continued, “but no one should be surprised that there is work happening to get us there.”
The announcement comes on the heels of Trudeau smearing the Freedom Convoy and its many thousands of supporters as “Nazis” and “racists” who are full of “intolerance and hate,” a message he delivered while in hiding outside of Ottawa during the weekend’s protest in the nation’s capital.
Trudeau also maligned the demonstrators as “violent.” However, numerous video testimonies from police on the ground in Ottawa, as well as extensive drone footage of the area, attest to the peaceable nature of the gathering. As things stand, no arrests or injuries have been reported at the protest convoy.
Indeed, protestors challenged a sole man who was carrying a Confederate flag amid the protest in an image used in the media to stoke allegations of racism — and suspected him of being an agent provocateur.

The man, whose face was completely covered, later left the scene after attention was drawn to him.

While truckers have been protesting the punishing quarantine requirement for remaining un-jabbed, the country is suffering a shortage of drivers as a result of the mandate, according to haulers.

Viva Frei
He doesn’t always act as an “agent provocateur”, but when he does, he brings a Confederate flag to a Canadian protest, and his own personal photographer. He is… The most obvious agent provocateur in the world!

So, from what I can see and read, there was one confederate flag and one nazi flag. Of which the protest had no idea who they were. According to the Viva Frei lawyer and b
vlogger, the guy shows up at all kinds of protests and there is a reward out, by the truckers, to identify the other flag carrier.
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Superspreaders also don't tend to happen in well ventilated areas and you don't get much more well ventilated than outside.
You're right. Transmission of the COVID virus is through respiratory droplets and aerosols when an infected person breathes, coughs, sneezes, sings, shouts, or talks. Reports of outbreaks in settings with poor ventilation suggest that infectious aerosols were suspended in the air and that people inhaled the virus at distances beyond 2 metres. Being outdoors or in a well ventilated place greatly reduces the chances of virus transmission. Note you should also be at least 2 metres away from the person - social distancing. From what I've seen many people were unmasked and less than two metres apart from each other.

Please note that there were places such as the Rideau Centre on Sat, 29 Jan where large numbers of the protesters did congregate together while unmasked. I witnessed this myself on that day. There were other smaller places in the Byward Market too where the protesters met to keep warm. Some of protesters have rented hotel rooms and were reported as not wearing masks by the hotel staffs.

Hopefully there will be no large COVID outbreak in Ottawa due to this protest.