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Former US President Jimmy Carter Enters Hospice at Home

A great man that was a representative of service before self to the end.
He was one of the good ones. I think that The Simpsons roasting of him is probably the best testament to his steadfast and dependable leadership.

One might argue his political stances but you could not question his basic decency.
Ironically he may have accomplished more after leaving the presidency.
I think future historians will be much kinder to him than when he was president. It was a very difficult time in American history.
I think future historians will be much kinder to him than when he was president. It was a very difficult time in American history.
Correct. I recall the 444 day hostage event. A shit sandwich.
If interested, in his current ranking among presidential historians,

I largely agree with the rankings mentioned. While I was never a Reagen fan due to his failed Reagenomics and the Iran Contra Affair, he at least did manage to make Americans feel better about themselves following the failed attempts by the Carter government to rescue the embassy hostages. All in all, I would rate those two presidents close together with Carter possibly having a slightly higher score despite the high inflation that occurred following the Vietnam war years.
To add further context to my previous statement, I spent my early years in the U.S. And I must say I was never a fan of either LBJ or Nixon. Yet, despite Nixon’s paranoia and LBJ’s Texas-style politics, I have a somewhat higher opinion of them as well, more than 50 years later.
Had President Carter been a President in the 90s or 2000s he could of hit the guest speaker circuit and made a killing. But instead he semi retired from public life and went did the stuff he believed in. Building homes for the poor. I always wondered what his security detail thought when he was on a site with 100s of other volunteers with knives, air nailers, and other tools.

He was President during a very difficult time, the hostage taking did not help, the economy was not great, energy shortages, but his team worked hard to bounce back and over come it all. The hostage taking was the kicking point, the Iranians would not release the hostages during Carters run for 2nd term. They did not want him claiming victory over the release of hostages. They were released the day Regan was sworn in and 8 billion dollars of Iranian assets were released.
The '60s, '70s, '80s were all difficult times for one reason or another. Also the '90s, the '00s, the '10s, and now the '20s.

Carter's foreign policy was weak and domestic policy was strong. I've read a few poor assessments that seem to amount to reflexive "Democratic, therefore awful" judgements. The Iranian hostage situation and failed rescue are over-emphasized. The malign influence of a pessimistic outlook ("malaise", versus the succeeding "morning in America") should be the main point of criticism. High marks for putting Volcker at the Fed and staying out of Volcker's way (ending high inflation was a very big deal).

Perspective, though: Democrats and Republicans were not as widely divided as now. Given that most conservatives have shifted "left" in some respects since then, I suppose Republican sentiment now is not far away from where moderate Democratic sentiment was then. I imagine Republicans today would mostly approve of 1976 Carter if he were dropped into the White House. If Democrats were doing something like airline deregulation today, I'd expect the progressive left to hate the party.