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Format of Memos

Perfect!  I had to search the internet for a friend to find a memo template the other day and wasn't able to really come up with one like this.

Excellent template.
If possible can you edit those 3 fiels to include comments, like grey italics describing what each line means?

Just looking at it doesn't tell me if I need to put "PERS 321" on my memo, ya dig?
Thanks for your efforts on this. It'll be handy.
One last question, does anyone happen to have handy the proper format for a Memorandum minute? It's been a while since I've done one.
The format has changed a bit for a minute.

A 1 in a Circle goes after the original addressees name or Distr List at the top of the memo.
A 2 in a circle goes in any free space available on the page followed by the minute.
Format is:

New addressee

Body of text with desired action indicated

contact number

Note that for officers the name is:

First Initial. Last Name

For NCOs the name is:

Last name First Initial.
I realise this is a large BUMP but should it not say "PROTECTED A" at the top and bottom of the memo?

Only if the memo contains information which meets the sensitivity test.  ie.  If you put your full SN in the memo, yes it should be marked Protected A.  If you only put your last 3 then depending on what else the memo contained, it would probably be over Designated by marking it as such.

As the originator, it is up to you to mark it with the appropriate Designation so if you're in doubt, ask someone who understands the system.
Okay, laugh and get angry all you want as I will freely admit this is a dumb question.  And yes I did a search, and maybe I am dumb too because I didn't see an answer to my question.

Simply put, I have to submit a proper memo to my chain of command.  My BMQ course never taught me how to do a proper memo.  Can someone provide me with a template, or even a generic Word document that I can use so I don't screw this up.

If I make a request up the COC via memo, how can you assure that it is getting to or the request is making it to the person requested. Just a general question not saying people not doing there jobs.
Because when it finally makes it back to you, there will be a trail of minutes on there showing you everyone who has seen/commented on it.
I seem to recall someone using a program specifically for writing memos ... is this available for download somewhere?  I don't have DIN access yet. I've googled extensively to no avail...

I can do it manually in Word if needed; just wondering if there is a program available to streamline it a bit. 

There are several Office plugins (templates?) available for military writing if I remember correctly.  It's a package you can have installed if you have MS Office on your computer.  Talk with your orderly room and they might send you to the IT cell to get it put on.
Be careful with PC Word templates - they mostly do not follow the DND writing manual...
Don't know if this will help but you can ask a RMS Clerk that just completed the QL3 (DP1) course if they can show you the MEMO format from their writing package and you can make your own template.

Thanks for the replies... I'll try to mock something up if they don't have anything for me at the orderly room.  Anything will be better than hand writing them at CFLRS!