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For Sale - Airsoft / Military Kit

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Find below a partial list (most of the big stuff) that I'm currently selling. As I dig more up I'll add it to the list. All kit is used but in good working condition unless mentioned otherwise. No rips or tears but may be worn. I've listed the item and my asking price. I've tried to list a link as well for comparison to the same item new. I've got more on hand (including a haevly modified ASP SV2 which I'll add to the list as I get things ready to ship.


I accept the following:
Paypal- harris@army.ca
Personal Cheque (but be aware I will not ship until it clears my bank)
Money Orders (Cashable in Canada only)
Email transfer- harris@army.ca

If funds are tight I will offer the following deal:

For a 25% deposit, I will hold any item for you. You have 6 months to pay off the balance. If you pay off within the 6 months, I'll ship the items to you. If I don't see all of the $ within 6 months I keep half of the down payment and send you the remainder and put the item up for sale again.

Shipping is in addition to the prices listed below. I will combine multiple items to give you the lowest shipping rate. I will ship by Canada Post standard parcel with no insurance unless you tell/pay me to do otherwise. Guns will be shipped seperately from other items due to space in the gun box. I'll ship anywhere in the world, but I take no responsibility for lost or seized shipments. Once it leaves my hands I'm free and clear.

Please contact me with any questions at harris@army.ca (not these forums) and I'll email you an answer and then try to post to the forums when I get a chance.

I'm located in Middle Sackville, NS. My Postal Code is B4E 3B1 (to calculate shipping)

Mike B. can vouch for me and my equipment. If you want a local person to give you a 2nd opinion on anything prior to final sale no problem.

TM Sig 551 SWAT - $500 (Includes the gun, a good working battery, one low cap mag, manual, loading tool and unjamming tool) This has also had a tight bore barrel installed. http://www.rangersairsoft.com/product_largeguns.php?type=1

Accessories for Sig:

1X stock barrel: $5
1X Cheek rest: $45 http://mfiap.com/airsoft/acce/sig.htm#stock
1X Scope Mount: $30 http://mfiap.com/airsoft/acce/sig.htm#stock
1X Low Cap: $35 (Without fake bullets) http://mfiap.com/airsoft/acce/sig.htm#stock
2X High Cap: $45 each http://www.rangersairsoft.com/product_accessory.php?type=6#MAG-TM-014
1X Hard Hunting Rifle Case: $15

2X TM PDW: $375 each (Includes the gun, a good working battery, one high cap mag, manual, one has the loading tool and mag charger, one dosen't. If I find it I'll add it in or ship it to you free later) http://www.rangersairsoft.com/product_largeguns.php?type=1

Accessories for PDW:

1X High Cap: $55 http://www.007airsoft.com/products/htm/magazines-electric.htm
1X 1000 rnd Drum Mag filled with approx 1000 bb's 75% .20 25% glow in the dark): $60 http://www.airsoftextreme.com/acc/himags.html
1X dual stacked high cap with fake bullets: $50 http://www.rangersairsoft.com/product_accessory.php?type=6#MAG-TM-027

1X silencer (for looks only): $35 Is 6 1/4" long by 1 3/4" wide with a 14mm clockwise thread.

2XTM Tracer Unit complete: $70 each http://www.airsoftkelowna.com/silencers.htm
3X packs of .2 Tracer Rounds: $15 each 600 rnds per pack

4X 3700 count bags of .2 Excel BB's: $15 each Sold Pending Payment
1X Grenade BB Bottle holds 1000 rnds $10 Sold pending payment http://www.007airsoft.com/products/htm/consumables.htm
1X 8.4V large AK Type battery. Used 2-3 times: $40 http://www.rangersairsoft.com/product_accessory.php?type=1#BAT_3007A
2X AK mini batteries: $35 One is known good the other unknown. Will throw he unknown one in for free.
1X Battery discharger: $20 http://www.007airsoft.com/products/htm/consumables.htm
1X Radio shack charger: $30 Model 23-235 Does rapid charge and includes car battery adaptor (7.2 or 8.4) http://forums.batteryspace.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=4237&sid=3b96c241aeefea385425fa40fa18ce76

1X Blackhawk Industries tac vest: $100 Left handed Green. Includes green web belt. http://www.blackhawkindustries.com/product_detail.asp?product_id=1154&d=

1X Cobra PTT headset: $20 Model MA-VOX http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00000J1PX/104-6543844-2053508?v=glance

1X MP5 new metal selector switch: $10
1X AK stock barrel: $5

Cdn old style Combat pants and shirts. Pants approx size 38 or so. Shirt size 44 or so. $20 for one of each or $15 per piece. I've got 3 Pants and 4 shirts. First to contact me gets to pick from current stock remaining.

1X British DPM Flack vest cover. NOT a flack vest, but rather a DPM cover for one. Has a pocket on front and rear. $15

1XTasco Bantam Shotgun Scope. 2.5X20mm. Model #S2.5X20A NIB, never installed on a gun. Paid $83.94 plus tax. : $50

1X Crossman AirGuns Scope. 3/8 dovetail ring mounts Model 04101S (Chromed) 4X power NIB, never installed on a gun. : $10
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