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Following basic training...

what happens after basic training?

  • right to training?

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  • home again ?

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That being said, there's enough info here, and at the other threads on the SQ. So, to try keep everything together and not spread around the site, this one will be locked.
Alright, im 17, have one more year of highschool, and have been extremely athletic (played AAA midget hockey and on the Oil Barons of Fort McMurray) with a 76% average in school. Anyways, I'd like to join the infantry and become as high in rank as possible during my life as a military affiliated person. After i take BMQ, what happens next? What if I want to become a specialist? What if i want to become an officer leading specialists on tours? How do i climb through the ranks?

Firstly, welcome to Army.ca. You've wrapped a lot of questions up in that first post, most of which do not have simple answers. Your best course of action to start with is to spend some time reading and researching in the forums. You will find a lot of useful information on the forums here. Here are a few recommended starting points:

Recruiting FAQ - http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/21101.0.html
(see the sections on Basic Training and Officer)

Basic Training - http://army.ca/forums/threads/21101/post-103989.html#msg103989
Officer - http://army.ca/forums/threads/21101/post-103985.html#msg103985

You'll also want to explore the Infantry FAQ to read up on JTF-2, pathfinders, snipers, etc:

Infantry FAQ - http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/21131.0.html

Army.ca Conduct Guidelines: MUST READ - http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/24937.0.html

FRIENDLY ADVICE TO NEW MEMBERS - http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/24937/post-259412.html#msg259412

Search page - http://forums.army.ca/forums/index.php?action=search;advanced

Take your time and explore the forum content. You'll get a good idea of what has already been discussed, and what approaches to posing questions might get the best results.

I'll lock up this thread for now while you start your research.

govenor_mac said:
I was wondering if there is time off after completion of basic training.

Maybe, maybe not...depnds on when the next course starts......
They finish up approximately Dec.1 st. Then into Christmas break sometime there.Just curious.
govenor_mac said:
They finish up approximately Dec.1 st. Then into Christmas break sometime there.Just curious.

You'll find out soon enough.....when i was done BMQ, i didnt get any time off....i went to my QL3 right away....after that i got no time off...i went to my regiment right away and found myself on course there on day 1.......

When i graduated Navigation school , i got 10 days to move my house before my next course started...then i got posted in the middle of the course....so i moved as soon as the course was over......across the country...when i got there, i got 5 days off to set my place up...then i was shipped to the states on EX right away.  See what i'm getting at ?

When he knows whats going on...he'll tell you
I just recently graduated from BMQ and as far as I know, we all had to wait until we reported to our next posting to find out if you can take any leave.  When I arrived I spent 2 days on PAT and then received a week and a half off.  Hope this helps.
Basically, the short answer is, "it depends." The long answer is a bit more complicated. I really didn't get any time off between BMQ and SQ. I graduated on the 23rd of July from St. Jean, and my SQ started on the 31st of July in Gagetown, so I was in holding for about a week, just sitting on my hands for the most part, unless the MCpl gave us some minor task to do (take out the garbage, move furniture, etc...). THAT SAID, the guys that came from Wainwright had about a month on PAT prior to jumping on our SQ course, and they were granted the opportunity to take leave.

So in summary, again, it depends. You probably won't find out until the end of your BMQ course though, so I wouldn't make plans.
Graduation Day is Nov 30th in Borden and then my son is being sent to Victoria B.C.Dec 1st. Will he still be sent home for Christmas? HELP!
What is he being sent to Victoria for?  Posting? Course?

Chances are, he won't know about XMas plans until he reports in.  The majority of schools and units are shut down for the holidays, but some also require watchkeepers and duty personnel.

Plenty of time still for him to make arrangements to come home if he gets leave.  If not, come visit him in Victoria.  Always other options...
He is being sent to Victoria for his NCI Ops trade. There are five going from his platoon in Borden. We live too far away( CapeBreton) for us to go to Victoria. We both also work full time.....no options there. Just have to keep our fingers crossed I guess and PRAY!
According to the DIN site for Fleet School, there is a course starting 9 Jan and one starting 14 Feb. 

The school should be shut down for the holidays.  But once again, there is NO guarantee until he checks with his new unit what time off he will get.  Yes, he SHOULD have the holidays off, but there is no confirmed answer that any of us here can give you unless one of the instructors from the school is online.

They MIGHT tell him to schedule his leave and make his arrangements while he is in Borden, but most likely, as said, it will be discussed and advised once he reaches Victoria.  And for further years, realize also that there are going to be holidays that he will miss and not be able to be home for.
Thank you for the info .....it helped. I know he will not be able to spend every Christmas with us as he has another life now. Its just that it is still new to us and we are adjusting.....adjusting very well I might add. He IS our only child. We do have our 11 year old nephew living with us now, so that  our time is well spent. Isn't it funny, our son left home to pursue his career...dreaded him leaving and our empty nest became not so empty anymore. God has a way of making things work.
govenor_mac said:
Graduation Day is Nov 30th in Borden and then my son is being sent to Victoria B.C.Dec 1st. Will he still be sent home for Christmas? HELP!

He won't be "sent home" for Christmas. He should be given time off, but getting back to the east coast will be upto him.
Get him to look into LTA (leave travel assistance) where they will help him pay for travel expenses. If I remember right, they will pay so much a KM for him to travel (on 800km or more)
govenor_mac said:
I thought the CF paid one trip home a year at Christmas.

Yes and No.  The CF will cover one trip per year (at anytime) to the 'Next of Kin'.  It does not pay 100% of the costs, but will give LTA, which could cover the majority of the cost.