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Finally (!) made it in.


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Good day everyone,

I haven't been very active on the forum in years... life went in some other directions, but back in early 2020, just before the Rona started, I reapplied to the Forces. I found out that trying to become a pilot this time around just was unobtainable, due to training programs being full and the cut-off scores being almost Unobtanium levels, so I was given a list of postions at the time that were hiring. I narrowed my choices down to NWO, TDO and Artillery Officer. Went through about a 2 year process, including a medical appeal for past anti-depressant use which I got through early this year and was back in the process. Since January, things moved pretty quick - repeated my interview, had final processing done and landed on the competition list in April, and was selected about 2 weeks after that for NWO. I'm very excited to make my dream of serving our military a reality.

From all my experiences with this process, the biggest thing I can say to people still in it is DON'T GIVE UP until you get a hard no. I never got one and kept at it. This process can frustrate with how long it takes, etc. Just stick with it if it's what you want.

My process...

Recruiting Center: Barrie, ON
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: DEO-Officer
Trade choice 1: NWO
Trade choice 2: TDO
Trade choice 3: Arty Officer
Application date: February 2020
First contact: April 2020
CFAT: Years ago... lol
CFAT Results: Successful
Medical: #1 July 2020, medical appeal filed March 2021, passed appeal January 2022
Interview: #1 July 2020, #2 February 2022
Competition list: Mid - April ish 2022
Position offered: NWO, May 2022
Enrolment: August 5, 2022
BMOQ: Platoon L0050E, August 22, 2022


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@estoguy, perseverance often pays off; good on you for keeping at something you want to achieve!

All the best as you proceed through the next steps. I remember that at the time, things seemed like a mountain to summit, but years later realized they were just hills, and tha as Fishbone Jones said, putting one foot in front of the other, moves you ahead.