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Family Care Plan during COVID

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With our units coming back to normal within the upcoming weeks, what are peoples thoughts WRT Military mbrs who can't come to work due to child care not available (daycare and schools are open) but they don't trust daycare's or schools to be safe?
I've been very accommodating over the years, but now I'm getting tired. As a childless mbr, I don't mind stepping up where others cant...but...its wearing on me.
Are there policies or directives coming out WRT mbrs who have dependents but don't have an working FCP?
When is accommodating be taken advantage of or when do I need to have a heart and be more accommodating?
(who makes the decision to tell her that she is essential and needs to find childcare, if that is the case?)

Thanks...Tired and drained.
In Ontario military members are eligible for the emergency child care. My CO has also given mission command to his Coy/Pl leadership to change work hours/times to help out troops who are having child care issues until we're back to normal.
As much as I'm guilty of it at times, I try not to spread rumors.  Having said that, there is talk going around that as they begin to open more unit's, the CDS will be issuing direction on your very question.  One thing I've heard is that he is concerned that every CO will do their own thing and even different sections within a unit will do their own thing.  The talk is that he wants it to be as flexible as possible and will reiterate his previous FRAG O or CANFORGEN (can't remember) that stated some people will not be able to return right away after many in the unit return because of Family situations and FCP that are not workable.