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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)

So does this  . . .

"IAF looking for second stealth fighter squadron"


. . . mean that we will get breathless stories from the usual sources that this increase in the total number of F-35s produced will lower the price?

Because they would be all over a story if a nation cancelled or reduced an order and lowered the production run.

All over that story like stink on doggy-doo. 

Right?  Because the Japanese buy was so well covered, so well explained.

trampbike said:
We can all thank John Boyd and his acolytes for that. Without them, I'm not sure the Bradley would have been a good purchase.

Like polishing boots.....small circles.
Just saw this a few minutes ago.......No big deal i would think.


CDN Aviator said:
Just saw this a few minutes ago.......No big deal i would think.


Saw that too.  Agreed routine stuff  . . .  keep in mind ELP is one Eric Palmer an ex USAF type who is a hardcore F-35 hater.  He's in Australia now and posts his F-35 opinions from there.

He's the guy who wrote the now infamous line

"The U.S. Navy F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) known as the F-35C is at serious risk of never being able to land aboard an aircraft carrier"

that got so much airplay before it could be deflated as typical hysteria. 

But he has a right to write whatever stuff he wants to.  He gets routinely fisked from people who actually fly and fight or  flew or fought fighter aircraft.


Lt. Col. Eric Smith, the 58th Fighter Squadron director of operations, undergoes a computerized helmet test prior to stepping to the F-35A Lightning II joint strike fighter for its first-ever training sortie March 6 at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. Smith is the first Air Force pilot qualified to fly the F-35. The helmet is tested with a computer before each sortie.

Nice article that points out both why Canada should buy the F-35 and why the Government hasn't done the greatest of jobs in selling the plane to the public.

The 5G Argument
by Tim Dunne

© FrontLine Defence Vol.9 No.1

The Canadian Government’s July 2010 announcement that it was to replace the aging CF-18 Hornet with the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning joint strike fighter (JSF) aircraft was met with stern admonishment (and some ridicule) from Rideau Institute president Steven Staples, among others who oppose military purchases.

More at the link -> The 5G Argument
I think i said it before.

#1 Reason Canada should buy it, IT LOOKS FREAKING COOL!!!
Friday morning F-35A porn . . .


Security experts say China hacked secret F-35 fighter jet plans from BAE Systems
Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Sunday Times

Chinese spies hacked into computers belonging to BAE Systems, Britain's biggest defence company, to steal details about the design, performance and electronic systems of the West's latest fighter jet, senior security figures have disclosed.

The Chinese exploited vulnerabilities in BAE's computer defences to steal vast amounts of data on the $300 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a multinational project to create a plane that will give the West air supremacy for years to come, according to the sources.

The hacking attack has prompted fears that the fighter jet's advanced radar capabilities could have been compromised.

Details of the attack on BAE have been a closely guarded secret within Britain's intelligence community since it was first uncovered nearly three years ago. But they were disclosed by a senior BAE executive during a private dinner in London for cyber security experts late last year.

One of those present said: "The BAE man said that for 18 months, Chinese cyber attacks had taken place against BAE and had managed to get hold of plans of one of its latest fighters."
more on link
Hey no worries,PRC agents set up a fake facebook  account for Admiral Stavrides which became a great source of intel. ::)

And speaking of small circles.......Daily Telegraph

Apparently "cats and traps" even especially when they employ some sort of novel high tech kit like emals.

Cost of refitting Royal Navy aircraft carrier trebles

The costs of refitting a Royal Navy aircraft carrier so it can be used by a new generation of fighter jets have more than trebled, defence sources have told The Daily Telegraph.

Estimates for adapting HMS Prince of Wales so that it can be used by the Joint Strike Fighter are understood have risen from £500 million to £1.8 billion.

Millions have already been spent on studies to look at how to convert the ship after ministers decided to scrap the jump-jet variant of the plane in favour of a conventional take-off and landing model. But so great is the rise in total costs, ministers are considering abandoning the plan and reverting to the Ministry of Defence’s original proposals......

Back to Plan A (or should that be Plan B as in F35B).....
Latest from Question Period yesterday:
Mr. Matthew Kellway (Beaches—East York, NDP):  Mr. Speaker, a curious thing happened in Washington 10 days ago. The minister came out of his emergency meeting with the same talking points and a renewed commitment to the F-35. The Americans came out of the very same meeting with confirmation that the price of the F-35 was going up, again.

Did the Americans share this news with the minister, or keep him in the dark? If he was advised of the price jump, why is he not telling Canadians? What is the price of the F-35?

Hon. Julian Fantino (Associate Minister of National Defence, CPC):  Mr. Speaker, the Royal Canadian Air Force plays an important role in protecting our sovereignty and defending our interests at home and abroad. Canada's CF-18s are nearing the end of their usable lives. A contract has not been signed for replacement aircraft, and we have set a budget for replacement aircraft and have been clear that we will operate within that budget. We will make sure that our air force has aircraft necessary to do the job we ask of it, regardless of what the member opposite thinks.
Are we getting cold feet?


Fantino's comments look like the beginning of the end.  Anyone else getting deja-vu from the EH-101?

<shrug> I'm gonna stick with my long held opinion- we should have tendered it. In an ideal world we'd have the money to buy this much plane, but we don't. We don't need the new off the lot Cadillac when there are 4.5 or 4.75 gen fighters out there that will satisfy Canada's requirements as well or nearly as well without emphasizing capabilities we don't realistically need, and without reducing the number of airframes we get due to exorbitant price. I'd love to see us have some, don't get me wrong, but the opportunity cost seems too high.
or . . .  this + the Canada sponsored meeting of foreign buyers looks more like the pre negotiating prepare the ground moves.

The intended audience is LochMart.  Sending them some messages, putting them on notice.

Negotiations can be so much fun. 

So if Canada opens up a competition that sets a ceiling on price and number of airframes required, will the opposition back off? Or will they just look at the new stick and starting beating on the government for changing it's mind