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Executive Officer of HMCS Kingston relieved of her duties


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On October 2, 2022, Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie, Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) relieved the Executive Officer of His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Kingston of her duties as a result of an alleged incident of inappropriate conduct of a sexualized nature that took place during a port visit in Lisbon, Portugal, while deployed on Operation REASSURANCE. The allegations have not been proven and an investigation into this incident is ongoing.

Commander CJOC and the Commanders of each service that generates personnel for operations, expect all their members to exercise institutionally appropriate judgment at all times, especially when in a clear leadership or command role. This measure was deemed necessary to ensure effective leadership in HMCS Kingston as it continues its deployment with Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1.

The Royal Canadian Navy has confirmed the member will serve in other roles within Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters in Canada until the conclusion of the investigation. Procedural fairness and independence remain priorities and are respected throughout all Canadian Armed Forces investigations and administrative processes.

Relief of Duties for Member Deployed on Operation REASSURANCE – Maritime Task Force - Canada.ca

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No, and in retrospect glad my last deployment was under the CJOC 2 drink a day rules (while off duty) and we were doing actual operations. The NATO booze cruise seems like a recipe for disaster.
My guess was Port Visit meant more than 2…
At what point in the past few decades did we disconnect from the society in which adults could manage to keep small wet bars in offices without becoming deranged?

Those folks weren't engaging in less workplace sexual harassment; they just weren't getting in trouble for it.
My guess was Port Visit meant more than 2…
No, it was back in around 2015/2016, so drinking at sea wasn't allowed at all (which is fine), but someone at CJOC decided that anyone on a CJOC deployment had restrictions even while off duty. I think it only lasted about a year or so, so probably someone getting posted in/out trying to make their mark.

Maybe that made sense from an Army side, if you are thinking about soldiers on a base or something, but sailors sitting in Greece on a weekend off it was a bit silly.

Honestly people generally respected it if they were on board or coming back to the ship (at least the intent, maybe not the rule). Didn't really ask many questions for the people that went out in a group and rented a hotel room or whatever, but aside from the Christmas VIP visit a the very end, and a bit of a shitshow with the Danish ship alongside together, was pretty much an incident free 7 months from an alcohol incident perspective. Some people still missed the brow closing or otherwise did some stupid things but was a lot better compared to normal foreign port visits.
Is this the highest-ranking female member that has been accused of sexual misconduct?