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I was searching up on the internet how the pilot training in the States is done and came across ENJJPT (Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training Program) which takes place at Sheppard AFB in Texas. I noticed that Canadians are often loaded onto this course instead of going through phase 2/3 and that they get their wings after only 55 weeks. How do they determine who goes to Sheppard AFB and who goes to Moose Jaw?

Don't plan on that option - it is/was a one-off.  NFTC or Allied Wings is the current method of obtaining Wings.
I wasn't planning on it. Hell I'd be lucky just to make it as far as the training! I was just wondering how they determined who went to Texas and who went to Moose Jaw. Was it random selection?
I believe it was just a matter of who was next in the mill.  They used that option to alleviate issues that had sprung up at NFTC.  Those issues were apparently fixed and NFTC is back to making baby pilots at the rate required by the RCAF.
Canada has graduated 21 students from ENJJPT in the last 2.5 years.  The plan is to continue at a rate of 2 per year as a strategic reserve for the fast-jet pipeline.  Although initially intended as a surge capability it has proven very effective and due to risks within our in-house programs we will keep our foot in the door for the foreseeable future.  Next 2 candidates are southbound later this spring.

Candidates are selected from a volunteer pool from the FJ track (it is an intensive program, the weak best not apply).  Anthro issues have also driven candidate pool as the T-38C cockpit is significantly larger than the Hawk.  There is a desire to not deselect viable FJ candidates due to the Hawk-only anthro issues.

Max, sorry for pumping so many dudes your way.  Just doin' our job, AF directed.

I hope this brings some clarity to the discussion.



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