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Effective 1 OCT 06 - No PT Test for Reg Force Applicants...what the...?

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G'day all.  This is my first time on this site...and I've read some interesting stories and opinions.  I wanted to throw a couple tid-bits out there to you all.

First note: If you check the CF Recruiting Site right now...you'll see that there is no longer any Physical Fitness Testing (Effective 1 Oct 06) done prior to arriving at St.Jean for basic!! I am appalled!  Apparently, the new plan is to let people join without being fit...and leaving the onus on the basic training staff to whip newbies into shape.  That is a waste of time and taxpayer's money.  Army personnel, I thought, should be able to protect the average Joe/Jane couch-potatoes?!

Second note:  CFAT....the info that you find online and at recruiting is a terribly sub-standard representation of the real test.  I know since I just did it again.  For my own reasons...I wrote it again...even though I did qualify for all NCM trades fifteen years ago...and again five years ago when I re-joined.  I have two college diplomas and two years at university...the cfat-math was rushed and not fun. :)

The run-down on the CFAT was as follows: I only had five minutes for fifteen English/grammar questions (No problem), fifteen minutes for fifteen spacial ability questions (Level of dificulty for 50% of them was high), and thirty minutes for thirty math/problem solving questions!  My issue was that a person, most-times, can barely absorb the gist of the question in a minute...let-alone come up with a corresponding formula and solution!

Anyways...some sites I used to prepare for the test were "purplemath.com, mathleague.com, http://grader.awlonline.com, http://www.algebrahelp.com/lessons, http://www.ul.ie/~mearsa/9519211/ .  These sites are awesome...they cover some algebra, spacial ability tutorials, math word-problems,etc...I found them useful. 

I should mention that I prepared for about three months for this test...and still found it very very hard. 

I read recently that prior to 2003 one out of every two applicants were enlisted.  After 2003 it has been the CF's goal to have one enlisted for every five to six applicants!...this is to ensure that the CF has the best and brightest working....huh?

So what now?...are we going to have "walking calculators" that are "unfit-couch-potatoes" defending Canada's interests at home and abroad?  I think the goals for recruiting and the methods being used are not a winning combination!  No rant intended...Mr. Moderator.

I am still gung-ho...just a little disillusioned at the direction of recruiting and retention these days.  I fully support my fellow soldiers and love the lifestyle.  I wish you all the best of luck with your goal to join a great team!!   :cdn:

George Wallace

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Haven't read past your first line, but I would say you haven't looked around first, nor read the Rules of Conduct, before posting your string of questions.  As such is the case, please read these first:

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having not seen the directives regarding the PT test, I'm going to speculate that a conditional waiver will used, explaining that upon arrival to CFRS St Jean, CF Express testing will occur.  If someone fails it, they will placed on Remedial PT until they pas it. If they can not pass it, they either be re-coursed or released.  Again this is just my educated guess.  The intent behind it is speed up processing.


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PS.  We have answered most of your questions a long time ago.  We don't hold hands here, so learn to use the SEARCH FUNCTION.

we dont?
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