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Do Reservists have to do another fitness test while BMQ? When is it usually?

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I start BMQ today as a PRes, I am just wondering if Reservists still have to do another fitness test during BMQ and if you fail than you are released? Is this true at all?
Every day on my BMQ was a fitness test. Usually starting around 0600, usually ending around around 2000.
Ive heard that before lol! When I mean fitness test I mean like the expres or something similar
I wouldn't worry about that. Doing the express test should be the least of your worries when going on course. You'll literally run everywhere you go, from class to class, from class to meals, from class to the parade square. Doing a quick beep test won't be an issue for you. I'd be more worried about the long runs as a part of morning PT - if you have a foot or shin problem, they will be very difficult until you get your body sorted out.