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DND contractor and reserves?


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Hello all,

I am currently a reservist, just finishing up highschool. My aspirations for the future is to become a professional firefighter. I am currently doing a co op program with my towns fire department. I am considering going to college for a firefighting program and staying as a reservist, or putting in for a transfer to the regs as a firefighter.

I am wondering if I take the college route, is it possible to stay in the reserves and apply for a job as a DND civi firefighter?

As long as there's a reserve unit within a reasonable distance I see absolutely no reason you couldn't do this, subject to compatible work schedules.
Highly recommend going to college, I have never once regretted doing it plus you can still do reserves. Once graduated, you will have the choice to go reg force or stay in reserves and be a civi firefighter. College, the best days of your life.
Just a minor point, DND Firefighters are Public Servants, not contractors. A contractor is an employee of a company that has been hired by DND to perform some task. Public Servants are actually directly employed by the Crown.