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DND Accused of Using Pandemic to Withhold Info- Broad Topic of Clerks+Per File

Dimsum said:
I'm curious as to why they changed the title in the first place.  Is "clerk" not gender-neutral and an appropriate name for the job?

I was informed via Ottawa that the change was simply due to the trending of evolving job descriptions in the general sense of the term. Gender, civilian/military, etc was not a factor influencing the change, but rather what the perception was of the title itself. Administrator apparently implies specific training.

A good sum up:
...you might think clerical and administrative work in an office is one and the same, but they are not. Clerical personnel are entry-level workers, generally, whereas administrative work is typically done by trained secretaries or administrative assistants.

So I’d understand it that trade training sees HRAs/FSAs (Administrators) are specifically trained in their field. Not just any individual who completes random clerical tasks around the office as asked; who may, or may not, receive distinctive training in the future. (Although that ends up happening too.)