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Once an ar Mel is sent to DMCA how long do you have before receiving a release message.
Three broad steps to the AR/MEL Process

  • Advisory
  • Disclosure
  • Decision
AR/MEL process alone is minimum 7-9 months if a mbr follows all the steps. The longest step in the process is the disclosure process as they will not look at the file until six months after it is issued even if the mbr has already submitted a representation. Even then if the decision is 3B release (with no retention) a member gets 7 months from the decision date (30 days admin, 6 months VRPSM) but that can be changed to suit the mbr's needs.

The way around all of that is skip disclosure when you get the advisory if you want out faster. They will go straight into the analysis and produce a decision usually in 1-3 months. Again the default release is 7 months but that can be expedited.