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Direct Entry FE


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There is a new dierect FE trade that has opened up and I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this.

I am currently a student AVN and I would like to know the requirents or when the CANFORGEN will be out for the direct entry side of the house.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
The last Gen that we got on this issue is that the direct entry got squashed.  It would have taken as long as the current remuster method at any rate since you still would have had to get your level A authority before you could progress to a flying FE.  The theory was that these DE guys would have just been administered by FEs in order to alleviate any problems that have happened wrt "missing" remuster paperwork and the like.

I know this doesn't help you Otis but the trade is now open to AVS on a trial basis and the first course is either happening now or about to.

My suggestions is to try to get yourself to a squadron that has the aircraft that you would like to fly on, prove yourself as a good tech and when you get your level A submit your paperwork and run with it.  It will not necessarily take 6 years as a tech and that can be waived if you have your A lvl.  So as much as waiting is not ideal, just remember that the more you learn as a tech, the better FE it will make you.