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diaLOGue Café


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Leveraging the RCAF's RCAFE platform Logisticians now have an ability to reach out and discuss issues concerning Log pers at the diaLOGue Café

Copied from the Intro of the diaLOGue Café
Members of the RCLS community ! You have told us you wanted to be empowered to raise your voice. You wanted a way to communicate more easily; communication being essential to any effective and healthy organization. You wanted the means for all of our members, including our most junior ones, to have access to our most senior leaders… to close the gap! We heard you. As a first step, our RCLS discussion forum will exist as a sub café within this platform. We welcome you and encourage you to engage in shaping the future of our RCLS. Time to speak up !

Currently there is an AMA BGen Luc Girouard (Director General Support - Strategic J4) from4-6 April 23