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DEWAT Sten Mark 3


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Good day,
Figured I'd offer it up here first - if any of you are interested, I have a deactivated MK 3 STEN that is surplus to my collection needs. T[/color]
his came as a package deal with a Mortar that I got, and I already have a Canadian Mk 2 STEN in my collection, so, up it goes. 

It is not the nicest deactivation I've seen - the weld on the selector was done externally instead of within the body of the receiver, and the grinds on the bolt-face are...not as neat as they could be.  Priced to match those issues.  That said, it is an old de-activation, so it does allow some disassembly, and can be 'cocked and clicked' in semi-auto only.

Comes with one de-activated magazine - one of the feed-lips was ground off and the mag has been blocked.

Actual item in the photos below. 

Asking $550 + shipping. 

I'll knock off $20 for a local sale in the Halifax area if we can meet up to hand over. 

A neat piece of history that requires no license to own because it is de-activated.  Great accessory for a shadow-box?  :arid rifleman: [:D




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