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I'm currently a Cpl in the reserves.

I'm finishing off a Civil Engineering Technology diploma at Humber as well as working on a B.Sc part-time through the division of continuing studies at RMC.

Upon completing my diploma I wish to move onto university to complete a B.Eng.

I have some experience through DCS at RMC and find it to be an excellent school.  I'd very much like to go there on a fulltime basis to earn my engineering degree (transfer from my science program).


Though I would like to commission at some point in my career, now is not the time, for various reasons.

I enjoy being an NCO, and frankly, I do not think I have the maturity at this time in my life to be an adequate officer.

This clearly means that the RETP at RMC is not the best way for me to go.  I can do it, it would be a great way of going to school, but becoming an officer for only that reason at this stage of my career is not a good one.

I've been trying to get a hold of the right people at RMC to discuss this with little success.

Through reading through the universities web page I have noticed a tuition rate for 'other' students at 4,000 a year.  This rate is outside the RETP program, which I assume to be for DND employees and DND/CF spouses.

I would like to find a way to attend the Civil Engineering Program on a fulltime basis through DCS while paying all applicable fees myself (4,000 a year tuition plus room and board).  I can afford it because my mother is a faculty member at UofT, when I graduate from Humber I will be eligible for a substantial scholarship from UofT payable towards any Canadian University.

Obviously, this would require some sort of agreement between the Dean of the Engineering Department as well as the Dean of Continuing Studies.

My question is, has anyone ever seen or heard of such an arrangement being possible or done?

Do I absolutely HAVE to commission?

As I have said, I wish to do so eventually, but it's something I'm not ready for and do not with to persue for a long time, conversely, I can't just wait for that day to come before I go back to school.

Thank you,

Cpl Gayson.
If you go through RMC as a military and through the full time programs (ROTP, RETP, UTPNCM, etc), you will have a commission.  This is meant to be that way. 

I'm guessing you could study full time (there are some civies studying full time at RMC, so I don't see how a reservist can't do it)

Whatever you want to do, talk to the liaison office. They are very helpful!


Liaison office finally got back to me.

Since engineering is not available at a distance directly through DCS, I can actually apply for fulltime engineering studies, at a non-subsidized rate, through DCS.

This means that I would remain within the DCS while attending the engineering classes with the RETP / ROTP / UTPNCM crowd.

This of course depends on whether there is space at the time of enrollment though.
Civil Eng is always a small program.  There aren't many people in the program (during the 4 years I was there anyways).  They always had civies in their classes ;)


Hey there - I work at DCS , and they are talking about creating a Bachelor of Engineering Technology here through distance but I am not sure how far along they are in that process yet. You can go on from there to finish your full Engineering and could likely apply to UTPNCM at that same time if you decided you wanted to be officer then.

You should likely discuss your plans with your programme rep here as the Liaison is very helpful for the full time programs, they are not necessarily the best place to go for distance.

If you want a contact name or number feel free to PM me :)