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Dad's Army And Lockdown Hobbies: Why Are Unexploded Bomb Discoveries On The Rise?


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Everyone needs a hobby...

In 2020, Army and Navy bomb disposal teams saw an increase in taskings of about 20% compared with 2019, responding to more than 2,700 incidents across the UK.

There has been little let-up so far in 2021. Forces News has reported on a number of incidents involving unexploded bombs discovered by members of the public that have resulted in emergency responses from the military.

But not all the devices that are discovered are the result of World War Two-era enemy attacks.

During the Second World War, defence planners in Whitehall faced the grim prospect of a Nazi invasion. To fend off the country's chances of falling into German hands, adventurous and sometimes strange plans were hastily made to give the nation every chance of survival.

This included establishing Local Defence Volunteers (LDV), later known as the Home Guard.

However, 81 years on from their formation and the putting in place of severe defence obstacles and positions, a global pandemic has led to more people taking up outdoor hobbies and activities.

According to military officials, this has driven an increase in discoveries of unexploded Second World War ordnance in countryside settings such as canals, fields and forests.